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NetZealous LLC is a provider of professional trainings for regulatory compliance professionals around the globe. NetZealous LLC aims to familiarize professionals and equip them with the latest learnings from their respective regulatory industries.

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NetZealous LLC aims to be a premier provider of professional trainings for several types of industries. Its aim is to cater to the growing needs of professionals in areas such as regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT by being a reliable and trustworthy provider of professional trainings, many of which are certified by authorized boards, societies and institutions.

NetZealous LLC aims to fill the crucial learning gaps that may exist among professionals with regards to regulatory guidelines, best practices and legal and professional requirements. It aims to be a major global facilitator in this learning process for professionals.

NetZealous LLC’s services important for professionals in their fields

Seminars are generally meant for academic instruction and are mostly organized by commercial and professional organizations. Till recently, the general feeling was that seminars were only for students. They were thought to serve either of these purposes –for teaching anything related to the curriculum, or for announcing about admissions to prestigious schools and colleges. All that has changed now.

Seminars are now as popular in the corporate space as they are in education. The same purpose for which they were held in academics –that of fostering discussion and interaction –continues to power business seminars now. Seminars are a powerful medium through which participants can get to interact with fellow participants and learn on the areas that they feel they need knowledge. It is not surprising that we have seminars like sales seminars, training seminars, leadership seminars, business seminars, internet marketing seminars and many more. Realizing the high level of usefulness that seminars bring about; NetZealous LLC has specialized in this kind of offering for its lines of business.


A very important purpose that business seminars serve is that they bring together likeminded professionals. It is but natural to find peers in a gathering on a subject that is of common interest. For example, if one were to attend a seminar on some aspect of software, it is not expected that a textile baron would grace it.

Seminars are seen as an effective means for updating knowledge about a particular area of knowledge. Periodic attendance at seminars is a great way to stay updated with all that is happening in one’s industry, as well as to stay in touch with related professionals and share their experience and knowledge.

NetZealous LLC organizes seminars at which experienced and greenhorn professionals alike come together to learn something of importance and relevance to them. They get to learn from acclaimed Experts, who has handpicked for disseminating subjects and topics of core importance to the industry. They also get the opportunity to interact with others in their network and stay updated on the current business trends. NetZealous LLC seminars are a great means to get a clear idea of the market, technology and everything else related to investment. They cover regional, national and global issues.

International seminars organized by NetZealous LLC offer a broad platform for the industry experts to discuss about their respective fields of interest.

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NetZealous LLC seminars for professionals

Professionals in the areas in which NetZealous LLC offers its services find NetZealous LLC’s service highly useful and constructive. This is because through its services, NetZealous LLC keeps them updated with the latest advancements and regulatory amendments and updates in their respective professions.

Staying abreast of all the developments in their respective professions is a must for anyone aspiring to scale up one’s career prospects. NetZealous LLC services promotes this process with its services that are offered in various formats, all designed to suit the convenience of the professionals.

In recent days Online Seminar is getting popular as everyone is busy in their work so nobody finds time to attend the seminar. By online seminar particular people can get connected and discuss about the business. To use this platform you don’t need any special tool or software. Online Seminar is very secure platform for your informational data in much encrypted manner into their database. Online seminar can be used for different purpose like educational training and informational meeting or discussion. This type of virtual seminar is very useful because participants can browse and download the web pages in future also if needed.

NetZealous LLC’s services are of utmost relevance to the industry and are about all areas that matter to them. In addition to regulatory updates and legal aspects of their professions; these trainings are also on important areas that complete their professional needs, such as communication, ethics, corporate social responsibility, etc. Courses on these topics are common and supplementary to all professionals.

How do NetZealous LLC’s services help professionals?

NetZealous LLC offers its services for the benefit of professionals in the regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT by offering courses and eLearning solutions that are aimed at bridging the learning gap that exists in their understanding of the many needs of their careers.

NetZealous LLC’s services are highly useful for professionals in various disciplines, as these trainings are meant to help them tide over the difficulties and challenges they face in relation to the various aspects of their professions.

With the help of NetZealous LLC’s services, professionals in these fields make faster transition into higher positions in their careers, because NetZealous LLC’s services offer them the learning support needed to do this in the form of certifications.

At present, NetZealous LLC offers these services:


Webinars: Of durations that last between an hour and an hour and a half; webinars form an important part of NetZealous LLC services.

NetZealous LLC offers these online webinars from which regulatory professionals benefit in a big way. NetZealous LLC webinars come with the following advantages:

  • Updates knowledge of latest movements in the industry and clarifies on these to participants
  • Chooses from a reputable collection of Experts sourced from around the globe
  • Facilitates close interaction between Expert and participant

Seminars: NetZealous LLC offers long duration courses in the form of seminars. At NetZealous LLC’s seminars; participants get to explore a subject matter in great depth. NetZealous LLC’s seminars help participants in a big way:

  • They bring close interaction between the Expert and the participants, as they are up close with each other over two days
  • NetZealous LLC’s seminars are organized in many parts of the world, making it easy for participants to attend these seminars at a location of their convenience
  • At NetZealous LLC’s seminars, participants get to mingle and communicate with likeminded professionals
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Conferences are another of NetZealous LLC’s services. At times, there is a need to bring more than one Expert to impart knowledge of different but related aspects of a subject matter. It is in situations such as this that NetZealous LLC’s services turn out to be useful:

  • NetZealous LLC’s conferences leave no area of knowledge untouched, as different Experts teach about areas that are closer to their field of expertise
  • These conferences ensure participation from a wider base of professionals, making these events bright and interactive

Consulting and in-house trainings

One of the chief modes of NetZealous LLC’s services; Consulting is where NetZealous LLC gets the Expert to come down to a location of the client’s convenience. Consulting and in-house trainings are extremely beneficial to regulatory compliance professionals since:

  • They offer utmost convenience of attendance, since the Expert will be present at the location of their choice, if the client feels that the number of participants for seminars is too high
  • The Expert can address the client’s exact learning need or pain area by understanding these and offering solutions to them
  • NetZealous LLC Consulting and in-house trainings facilitate a very high level of interaction

Total Enterprise Solutions

NetZealous LLC offers Total Enterprise Solutions, which are a combo of its main services, all under one umbrella. Since this part of NetZealous LLC services are offered in one package; they bring numerous advantages:

  • Organizations can view and organize their entire set of learnings from NetZealous LLC under one location, which helps them know the learning status of each participant
  • They can incorporate these packages into their own Learning Management Systems, helping to save money and time
  • NetZealous LLC offers a microsite of LMS, so that organizations know exactly what is being derived out of these enterprise solutions. NetZealous LLC also has attractive offers for organizations that opt for multiple registrations

Continuing Professional Education

Continuing Professional Education 1

NetZealous LLC, a Continuing Professional Education provider of global repute, offers professional trainings on all areas of regulatory compliance and quality. NetZealous LLC offers professional trainings that come with the stamp of certifying bodies such as:

  • RAPS
  • HRCI

Undergoing courses that are certified from these bodies has important advantages for participants:

  • NetZealous LLC’s Continuing Professional Education gives them the authentic edge needed for growing in their careers
  • These certifications are from certifying bodies that are affiliated to global certifying institutions, making them valid globally

Features of NetZealous LLC’s services

Continuing Professional Education

NetZealous LLC offers diverse services that are convenient, relevant and cost-effective. NetZealous LLC offers these through mediums that are easy to access and suited for their schedules. Participants can take up either short term online teaching sessions that last an hour or so, or they can opt for courses that run into a couple of days.


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